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Staffing Agency Uppeo

tel.: +48 504 584 923
       +48 519 111 669

Staffing Agency Certificate no. 22124

Looking for an employee?

Do not hesitate and contact us. We do believe we will find the best, common solution for you and your business.


Do you lack specialists in your team? Lean on a good team, which find the best HR solutions adjusted to your needs and requirements. Thanks us, you are going to be able to find the best specialists in the a very short time.

Permanent placement

A lot of companies in the industry field has problems with fulfilling their job positions during the whole year. We understand, how important and crucial is to find employees quickly, so that is why we offer you mass recruitment,  The first employees will be delivered to you within 7 days!

Staffing delivery

We are the certificated and registered Polish Staffing Agency. 
It means we are allowed to find you employees legally.
We are specialized in seeking candidates for Employers or Personal Agencies, who lack of good employees.  

Staffing services

Our services

Are you looking for employees?

We have got tailor-made solutions for you.

Find your employee with us!

Lean on the specialists in HR solutions.


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